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Tall Tree Lumber

Tall Tree Lumber Company began operations July 1, 1981 under the guidance and tutelage of Mr. Peter McParland. A veteran lumberman with 30 years experience at the time, Peter was joined by son Brian and son-in-law Dave Hall. Together they grew the company adding and subtracting pieces along the line.

Paul McLean joined the group in 1983. Drew Gray joined in 2013. Together, Brian Dave Paul and Drew form the partnership group today.

Over the years Tall Tree was active in trading commodity and low grade lumber on both sides of the border and has vast experience riding through many markets, good and bad.

In 2015 we purchased Eastwood Milling in Brantford Ontario. Our focus there is to provide applications to industrial lumber including ripping, resawing, notching and banding for the pallet and industrial packaging industries in Canada and the US. Eastwood also makes various grades of animal bedding which is produced by our on site grinders and is stored under cover until shipment.

Our group is a veteran one with solid direct mill contacts for purchasing lumber to sell directly to large industrial packagers or smaller pallet shops. At Eastwood we ship full trucks of various products, as well as arranging for LTL customers to buy in smaller lots.